100% Off-topic: I love Lester the Lion Kitty

………..So…I better get started on my day. But it’s so hard to want to get up when you have a kitty all sprawled out in your lap. This morning the kitty decided to wrap himself around my head with his paws and face resting on it. It was so cute. Here he is just like, pushed against my head, not curled up though. He used to just sleep NEAR me when I first got him a month ago, now he is all “up in my ish”, as my sister would say. I don’t exactly know what that means.

Earlier this morning I got up and he stayed in bed, when the alarm went off I went to go get him…with my camera of course……

Now I’m in my giant bean bag and he is holding me down!! So of course I can’t start my day!! But I really need to. So I’m going to break his little heart, and mine, and get up.

Sep 22, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none