2 mini OT stories, 1 mini PT story, and a pear in a pine tree or however that song goes

1. OTS Virginia worked with a patient in acute care, and read in his chart that he loved fishing. She brought him a dowel rod, yarn, paperclips, potting soil, and gummi worms. They worked on standing endurance as he dug for worms in potting soil, rinsed them off, then he taught her like 5 ways to hook a worm (using the paper-clips). Then he “fished” with the dowel rod and yarn, clip and gummi, in the bathroom sink that had been filled with water. He did awesome, partially in thanks to her unique client-centered and occupation-based session.

2. My friend’s puppy is like, hypotonic. I think he needs therapy (he probably has congenital hip dysplasia). Apparently LSU has some sort of animal physical therapy program of some sort. Floppy doggy!

3. PT student Stephanie was discussing watching the Olympics and how she gets irritated with the commentators for using the term “double-jointed” instead of “hyperflexibility”, and that when she saw trainers doing an aggressive rub-down on Michael Phelps, she was irritated that they were doing nothing but “stimulating his 1A afferents”. I took neuro with her, but I think she retained it a lot better than I did, because I was like ummmm.

4. Bedtime.

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