31 Jan 2010

how the OT time flies

I've blogged semi recently on OTconnections.org. Just got an e-mail from a new blog reader applying for an OTD program soon!

I am DEFINITELY going to AOTA conference! Well definitely is a strong word. Most likely. I would love to meet some bloggers and blog readers! Anyone interested?!! I need to see what CEU courses are going on, I really want to attend some stroke and ortho and possibly hands etc!!
I've been a PRACTICING LICENSED OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST FOR FIVE MONTHS AS OF TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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16 Jan 2010

"You're dealing with shapes, I'm dealing with pain"

There’s lady in inpatient rehab who presents very much like a TBI (traumatic brain injury). She has halting speech and she is very loud. Her cries of “I can’t, I can’t” ring through the air as she writhes on the mat. Her therapists basically have to follow her around on the mat, constantly cajoling and trying to help her. They end up in some pretty contorted positions but they’re very patient. She’s like a child in not understanding that the discomfort is necessary to help her get better or at least not get worse (i.e., contractures).
I’ve mostly just heard her say things like “I can’t, I can’t.” “Why are you doing this?!”, as I’m not usually over in inpatient so I haven’t heard her full repertoire, but the other day a friend told me something she said that really resonated with me, I keep thinking about it.
They were trying to have her in quadruped (all fours), placing shapes with one arm or something like that, probably working on a combination of strengthening, balance, cognition, who knows…anyway, my friend informs me she said, in her halting and loud speech,
“I don’t think you understand. You’re dealing with shapes. I’m dealing with pain.”
So maybe you have to see this lady to get the significance, but this woman is very limited in her speech, only able to get the essence of her thoughts out, at best. I thought that was very profound considering the level she was coming from. Also a very good reminder. When we as therapists are trying to get our patients (or clients or consumers lol) to do something to heal, we need to remember our patients are sometimes coming at the experience from a very different perspective. Even when we think we’re on the same page.
Something to keep in mind!
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8 Jan 2010

Yay for OT school

Hi UTHSC MOT Class of 20XX…..Neal informs me there may be some linkage so I guess I should pretend like I've been updating this regularly lately. Oops.

This has been a busy week for me (compared to past, as my caseload is building up). Wednesday I had over 6 hours of treatment…….I have a lot of patients with strokes, post polio syndrome, car accidents, hand injuries or problems like carpal tunnel, trigger finger, etc, etc. 
Today I brought in some dice to work on wrist supination and ulnar/radial deviation…you know how men love dice. Haha. 
When I look back at the beginning of OT school I WAS SO OVERWHELMED. It's going to be hard for a while, but i promise y'all can do it the same way my class and below me and below them etc did it! Just hang in there, it's semi fun I promise. 🙂 And one day you'll be throwing balls around and getting paid for it and so it's all so worth it…..hmmm. There's probably better reasons than that to love OT. But that's one of them definitely.
My archives – if you go wayyy back in time on the sidebar – start around second half of first semester OT school, so reading way back then is most applicable to y'all….my blog has struggled as of late, making transition to practitioner.
If any of you guys have any questions, thoughts, comments, fears, overwhelming desires to run away……share them. AND I PROMISE IT WILL BE OKAY.
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