15 Aug 2011

I start back TOMORROW! (Monday)

I went in Thursday and Friday to prepare, and the kids come back tomorrow. We don't “pull” (take kids out of the classroom) the first week, but still lots to do to prepare in terms of setting up stuff, whether it's paperwork or supplies or learning about new kids etc. 🙂 I have to brush up on the ALERT program so I can help a classroom with it and refresh my memory on social thinking etc. I bought so many freaking toys this summer to be better prepared for this school year, and spent a lot of time finding crafts on pinterest I might do…..but I still struggle with anxiety about it all, no matter how prepared I am. 🙂 I just always want to be doing my best work!

Speaking of best work, I work for a great company based in California called School Steps, Inc. They are a small but growing business and they hire OTs, SLPs, PTs, and psychologists, for school systems, in various parts of CA. Their website is http://www.schoolstepsinc.com if you want more information. 🙂

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5 Aug 2011

That last post is by Tommy Carr, not me.

I copy/pasted the Mind Mapping e-mail without attributing it to Tommy Carr. So oops.

Summer is almost over….I go back to work next Friday. A lot to do between now and then. in a few minutes here I'm going to buckle down and re-open files and start preparing for the year! I'm a little pre-emptively stressed out as I am warned the beginning of the year is stressful with scheduling and all. But I am trying to not let that knowledge get to me. 🙂

Sorry it's been quiet….my 1400+ mails has gone down to TWENTY….and since I haven't been working I haven't been doing a lot of OT stuff. Actually I have bought quite a few OT toys over the summer, like stamps and crafts supplies…but nothing besides buying compulsively, lol.

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