21 Aug 2014

Long time no see, blog

My hope is that within the next few days I can devote some much needed TLC to this blog and hopefully eventually the rest of the website as well. I’ve been living in paperwork land so it’s been somewhat neglected lately. It’s been around roughly 8!!!! years now, and if you look at the archives, there were a few years where I did around 60 posts, and other years where I did over three hundred, because apparently, I’m certifiably insane. 🙂 Right now I have quite literally hundreds of pictures and partial posts where I just need to tweak some of them for about 5 minutes before posting.

My style isn’t the super awesomely perfect articles of OTs like Mama OT. Guess that’s why she’s Mama! Very admirable. So my drafts are more like pictures with quick ideas or thoughts, and then others are drafts with topics I find very profound and really want to process. For example, how hope is so important and yet can also be, at times, a four letter word. That deserves a lovingly written essay. Which I will one day get to. 🙂

I post more often on the Miss Awesomeness Facebook than anywhere else, lately, which has its own feed on the side. Need to get back onto Twitter too!! There’s been a lot going on this year in my personal life, so I haven’t devoted as much time to this blog as I would like. However, I never stop loving OT and I never stop applying OT to every inch of my life. I never stop taking pictures to share or jotting down notes of things I want to talk about. It’s all hanging out and it doesn’t get old, so I think my goal for the upcoming week will be to get out a few and schedule a few more, as I should easily have 20+ that I could finish in a heartbeat. 🙂

I changed my settings and realized a minute ago that I don’t get the comments sent to my email anymore. I better change that!

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11 Aug 2014

Quick, easy, creative activity: Visual-motor rubber band play


Quick, Easy, Creative OT.

Use rubber bands to work on visual-motor skills! This can be fun and imaginative and a great idea when your options are limited. You can have the child “create” something such as the dog paw seen above on the right, or you can have the child “copy” something! You can focus on figure-ground, spatial orientation, creativity, spatial language (is the blue band under or on top of the red band?), etc! Try to keep this activity play-based. Maybe the bands are actually “bubbles” or you’re giving the dog paw a high-five by placing another dog paw directly on top, whatever. The task can be the same, but the language/drama surrounding it can turn it into play!



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