7 days left of occupational therapy fieldwork, but who is counting?

“I don't like sex, do you? I just pretend…” – gotta love hearing that from someone in their 70s, lol. I said “me too!!” ahahhahaaha


Lady who rarely makes sense, blabbering, a few weeks ago: “Blah blah blah making no sense, They say he is gay but I don't think so… blah blah blah making no sense.”

A week later: lady's son walks in, gayest guy EVER………ahahaahahhahaa


Had crappy groups today. Everyone was extra distracted, there were disruptive patients, a lot of interruptions……it was all I could do to keep things going at all. We had a new patient today who is pretty with it and I was like DUDE……I'm sorry. It's not normally quite this chaotic.


Nothing else to share. I need to look through the CAM today as I'm giving it tomorrow. I think its the Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota, not sure.

Need to work on some forms, PDEs, questions, projects, etc….

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