A chaotic day…

Today I did a 1:1 session on healthy expression of anger. We talked about (healthy) physical, spiritual, and/or mental ways of dealing with anger. I thought it evolved to be pretty cool!!

Also did groups – one on self-awareness, one on reading of non-verbal emotion.

Also did a 1:1 using safety cards….ie determining the safe situation versus dangerous situation. Most people with dementia, even mild, do pretty poorly at figuring out the more subtle stuff. Unless there is a big ol’ fire being shown, they tend to comment on little things, like “Look at those bangs!”

You know, even with a low census, it can get really chaotic on the ward. All you need is 1-2 people
making a fuss all day long to make it a REALLY HARD DAY.

It was very hard to get productivity/units today because there were so many disruptions from
some patients having an extra hard time for various reasons.

On one hand, I want to be like FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP IT, AUGH YOU SUCK! as I struggle to keep my train of thought with constant disruptions…and then on the other hand, compassion kicks in as I realize these people can’t help it – whatever they are confused about and feeling is 100% real to them. Just like pain, just like emotion – it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks – it is about what that person perceives.

So even when I am frustrated, stressed, I try to remember that. It’s clearly not an enjoyable experience to the people acting out – they are in stress/anguish themselves. I also try and remember that when another patient gets irritated with the constant disruptions and wants to discuss the disruptive patient (in general terms, not HIPAA violations). I typically just stick to something like “Yeah, seems like that person must be having a rough day”…which I’m proud of because I can be a mean gossip in normal life!! LOL

I had to step between two patients today yet again. It’s instinctive…not a “hmm do I want to risk getting hurt by stepping in between two angry patients?” But rather a “Oh crap, better get in there quick before one of them gets hurt”. Let’s see if I can make it through this entire rotation without getting hit hard…so far I’ve only been slapped and fondled! ahahahaha

Tomorrow my supervisor has a really quiet day – quietest day she’s had in the last 9 weeks or however long it’s been with me there – so she will spend a lot of time observing me on my unit. I’m nervous!

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