A few hours of wasted time, yet increased sanity

So tonight to amuse myself in non-OT ways I…..A) spent way too much time playing at yearbookyourself.com, B) watched SNL skits online – there’s this Lawrence Welk spoof with four sisters that is really funny but I feel bad laughing at it because the funny sister has like deformed hands which I think is mean to make fun of (She’s holding baby doll hands in her sleeves or something). But the skit still cracks me up. C) I spent WAY too long recording snippets off iTunes onto my phone to make individualized ringtones. Ringtones are serious business yo – I try to make them match the personality or have personal meaning. I had a little too much fun picking the songs out as it is often my own inside joke…like a needy person getting a ringtone about security, things like that.

Lester the Lion Kitty is snoring on the floor, and I’m going to go shower. I’ve more or less cleaned the house, prepped for tomorrow, etc, so I feel a little less insane. Once I’ve showered I’m going to do a few cheat sheeets for tomorrow’s patients and then go to bed. I’ve gotten several e-mails and Facebook comments about being intimidated/stressed by this phys dys rotation and I really appreciate them! I’m going to share some of it in the next few days!!

Oct 09, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1

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