A good but tiring day.

Today was fun. It started with a tour of Youth Villages, which is a residential facility for emotionally disturbed children/adolescents. Several of us in the same project (a community initiative proposal) toured because our project will revolve around trying to get OT into such places, so we needed to have an idea of what to expect.

It was pretty neat. We toured the school area and a lock-down facility, and got to see one of the bedrooms, etc. It was kind of like being in the “Girl, Interrupted” movie at times. Our tour guide recommended the movie “Manic” for a very realistic view of a lock-down facility. Speaking of which, I saw part of “Hillary and Jackie” recently in our lecture on Multiple Sclerosis and it looked really cool, I want to rent that as well.

Then I went shopping with a few OT friends and then hung out with some non-OT friends before going out to a fancy dinner with some other non-OT friends. The dad of the non-OT friend gave me a check tonight for $110 because I lost 11 pounds! And my friend (the son) got $160 because he lost 16 pounds! (He had agreed to sponsor a $10 a pound challenge, ending today.) It was soooo great, I am really happy. I need to keep it up though, the last few days have been a struggle with stress and all.

I am headed out of town tomorrow morning until Saturday evening, so don’t expect a post unless I get bored somehow. Unlikely. On Saturday morning I am going to meet up with Celia, the little girl I did play therapy with for several years. I haven’t seen her in over a year since her family moved away, and I am so excited about it. She calls me by my entire name, including middle initial, and tacks on “my best friend” to the end every time, so it’s an awfully long name. I love it and I miss her. Can’t wait to see her and her family again.

Now for the notorious OTPF post.

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