A google search day in the life of an OT

I found this google searchfrom when I was an OT working in Georgia (I think I saved it to one day post as example on my blog). Clearly my google got quite a work out. 馃檪 All of it had to do with patients, whether it was helping the patient read their bible with limited hand mobility, or toileting, etc. I use a lot of paper and people resources, but Google is also really helpful for ideas as well.

Clear 脳caregivers personal hygeine knee abductor 路 Web
Clear 脳knee abductors for hygeine 路 Web
Clear 脳cleaning perineal area spastic adductors 路 Web
Clear 脳adductors abductor spasticity perineal hygeine 路 Web
Clear 脳abduction toileting hygeine cerebral palsy 路 Web
Clear 脳apraxia kids 路 Web
Clear 脳my child has dyspraxia 路 Web
Clear 脳developmental dyspraxia children support 路 Web
Clear 脳developmental dyspraxia 路 Web

Clear 脳sae-bo stretch 路 Webb
Clear 脳aquatic therapy alabama 路 Web
Clear 脳aquatic therapy 路 Web
Clear 脳weighted book magnet amazon 路 Web
Clear 脳weighted book magnet 路 Web
Clear 脳USB mini keyboard one-handed 路 Web
Clear 脳USB mini keyboard 路 Web

Clear 脳multiple sclerosis ICD-9 code 路 Web
Clear 脳rehab page turner 路 Images
Clear 脳rehab page turner 路 Web
Clear 脳Kindle Bible 路 Web
Clear 脳can you read bible with e-reader 路 Web
Clear 脳book butler 路 Web
Clear 脳home exercise program after stroke shoulder

Clear 脳exercises for shoulder subluxation 路 Web
Clear 脳paraffin for acute rheumatoid arthritis 路 Web
Clear 脳southern hand and orthopedics 路 Web27
Clear 脳windows adaptive software 路 Web
Clear 脳one-handed keyboard 路 Web

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