A hodgepodge of random insanity

So…this weekend I randomly decided (because it was driving me crazy which I guess makes it not so random) that it was time to tackle the re-organization of my clothes, my bookcases, my mudroom, etc…and the net result is that my clean, albeit cluttered, house, has turned into a disorganized dirty house, because I bit off more than I could chew! I have also been doing a ton of research for OT school at an assisted living facility on top of everything else, and I spent several days staying with a kid while his parents have been out of town, so things have been stacking up and/or not been my normal routine. I'm way behind on answering e-mails (sorry all, I'll try to get on top of that asap) I'm way behind on coherency, and I'm way behind on sanity. Definitely having a tough week. So…think good thoughts, I'll try and not go crazy.  Some posts I want to do soon is a post about some great low-price tools for the OT toolbox, and another about handwriting/handwriting tips, based on a recent lecture. Interesting stuff, I promise! And if it's not as interesting as I intended, I'll at least post some crazy picture. So it will be a win-win…

So anyway. I'm delirious. Today my plan is to get my disorganization back into organization, clean, grocery shop, pet-sit, go work on an assessment for OT school on the Routine Task Inventory-Expanded, with another girl in my class, and try to catch up in general with OT work. I hope to write again tonight giving a glowing report on how I've cleaned my house, prepared for the week, and done a ton of work for OT school. But who are we kidding. Tonight's post will probably consist of AUGHing. As is the recent norm. But we'll try for a good day!! Cross your phalanges!

Oct 28, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1