A long day! Not much else to say!

My fingers are so cold I can barely type! It’s like severe arthritis! But I refuse to turn the heat on for a few more days…if I can stand it.

I spent 8 to 1140ish doing research assessments and did not poke anybody in the eyeball, so it was a success. Also, nobody asked what occupational therapy was. They weren’t quite at the cognitive level to even be aware that would be a good question! In fact, now that I think about it, I don’t think OT is mentioned anywhere in the study! Hmmm, I bet it is and I am just crazy. I will have to go look.

I spent 12-3ish working on an assessment (the Routine Task Inventory-Expanded, part of Allen’s Cognitive Levels) with Kerri, and then I met my new OT little sib at 330 and we spent almost three hours together! I showed her the monstrous binders and gave her tips on anatomy and stuff. I emphasized it was tons of fun but a lot of work. Not a huge brain strain most of the time (except with anatomy and neuro!), but very time consuming. She seems to be eerily similar to me in many ways so I’m pretty sure I didn’t scare her away. I know that the more information I have, the happier I am, and she is the same way. It was fun! I am going to be spending the next two nights at a friend’s house, staying with their 13 year old child while they are away. So I need to go pack to head over there, I will have ten thousand books with me! And my computer better work there (wireless)!!

Tomorrow we have a neuro class, a pathology class, and umm, some stuff in the afternoon, I forget what! Our schedule changes daily so who knows!

I may think of more things I want to share later on today, but for right now my mind is as numb as my fingers.

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