A normal day in occupational therapy school

I hesitate to post today, because I don’t want to cover up my beloved feline SOAP note below! But I’m too bored not to. Sorry, Nikki. You had your 15 minutes of fame!

Today was a pretty good day overall. Fun, a lot of laughter. We had THE CUTEST MOST HOTTEST ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON EVER come in and talk to us about osteoarthritis and total joint arthroplasty. Then we had a class on research design (aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and then we had a long lunch. Brooke and I went to a local Mediterrean place and had yummy chicken shewarma plates. We were going to meet up with Allison to work on our cognitive-behavioral frames of reference project for most of the lunch time, but there was a conflict with another group assigned a similar FofR and so we uh, gratefully didn’t work on it.

In the afternoon, we had a class on anthropometry and ergonomics. It was pretty cool. Talk about lighting, temperature, sound…even vibration. Things most people don’t think about affecting the work space. It’s definitely true that you can work harder and longer if you are comfortable, in a well-lit, well-ventilated environment with minimal noise and vibration. Duh, that’s obvious of course, but this lecture really went into the nitty-gritty detail. That included things like understanding biomechanics so that you understand how different parts of the body work as levers, and how that can affect torque, etc. Physics stuff, ew.

After THAT, Allison, Emily, and I went to the gym to take a Spinning/Zen class. It was fun. Luckily my bike did not fall apart this time. It was Emily’s first time joining us and it was great to have her, we’re trying to get as many people motivated to work out as possible. The more, the merrier.

Then I hit the grocery store and now I’m home, showered and typing here. Ideally I’d do a bunch of studying and catching up tonight, but I’m feeling kinda bad now. My lower back is really hurting. My only goal for tonight is to read a little bit about NDT, since we are having a workshop on it tomorrow.

This weekend I’ll aim to get a lot of stuff done for different classes, I don’t have too much planned (besides ROLLER DERBY on Saturday night and seeing another friend sometime Sunday) so that I can get caught up.

PS: I need to start sprinkling the words “occupational therapy” in the blog more often so that I inch up in google search!

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