A productive day! OT Diversity, baby

Today I was pretty productive. I had neuro, went to woodworking and finished my toolbox – YAY see above – and then I worked out. And then I came home, showered, did my SPSS labs 4 and 5, wrote in my required journal about the woodworking experience, made a CD of pictures for a few girls in my class, did my part of a cognitive frame of reference study guide, organized a two inch thick stack of newly acquired papers, called my grandma, cleaned off my almost full computer desktop, and now am crossing off my final thing on the to-do list, writing a blog entry. I work from 9 to midnight and my friend Doug is going to come over while I work to hang out and do his own thing, so I have a short amount of time to write this. I was extra productive today because I have a busy weekend coming up as well between seeing friends, pet-sitting, working out, and studying for 2 tests and group leaderships coming up.

I wanted to give an example of OT diversity – that two inch stack of papers? I organized it out so I could put it in the proper place in my binder, and it was a packet on neuro-IFRAH, a “how to write progress notes” SOAP guide, a wheelchair prescription form, some powerpoints on personality disorders, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, research statistics/project design, spastic hypertonia/tetraplegia, multiple sclerosis, frames of reference on cognitive-behavioral/allen’s cognitive levels/sensorimotor, etc, and finally, a woodworking packet.

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