A quiet day.

It scares me that I am trying to remember what we did today without looking at a schedule and have no idea. Hmmmm….ok it is coming back to me now. Our schedule changes EVERY DAY so it can be hard to keep track of things. We started at 8am and had class until 10am. It was about group process, groupthink, etc. Then I came home and studied some, napped some. Went back for class from 1pm to 3pm although we got out early. It was on borderline personality disorder, that one freaks me out. Then Allison and I went swimming- an hour total for me which is a huge achievement – and then studied for a test tomorrow. We just went through all the notes. It's on mood disorders, personality disorders, chronic mental illnesses, schitzophrenia, fractures, amputations, and traumatic brain injuries. Luckily we are allowed some resources so we don't have to memorize it all, since a lot of it is VERY medical and specific. Now it's 7pm and home and chilling out for a few minutes. Eventually I need to shower and prep for tomorrow before I work 9pm to midnight. Tomorrow won't be too bad a day, and hopefully the exam won't be too hard.

I feel weird sending this in as such a short paragraph, but maybe it means I'm finally learning the art of brevity!!!!

And yay, my air conditioning is fixed and my allergy-mystery-illness is dissipating….woohoo.

Can I just rant quickly though? The gym has a vending machine outside of it, and I was hungry today and looked at it, and almost everything was crap food like Fritos and M&Ms. They had nuts, but those are insanely high in calories. The only two remotely low-calorie options were pretzels and animal crackers. Why is it that in a health university, right next to a gym, they can't have a vending machine with more healthy or at least low-cal/fat snacks? They could add low-fat beef jerky strips, 100 calorie snack packs, granola bars, the list goes on and on. IT DRIVES ME NUTS!

The End.

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