A quiet day

Tommorow I have a nerve-wracking morning because I'm starting by doing the OPPM on one of my OT's patients, then I'm doing a driving screen (on paper) on her next patient. Being observed for several hours, augh!! lol Then gotta try and do a bunch with my normal patients.

I had to go to a unit today that I hear is scarier than the scariest unit (at times)…luckily it was calm at the moment…I guess I've gotten used to my relatively sedate and relatively slow-moving geriatric patients.

I hardly got any units today…I did two showers this morning, two evals in the afternoon. Oh and I watched  myofascial release today, my OT let me watch her session since I've been curious. I got to help and man, it's hard..I'm not strong!!

Tommorrow after work I have another dance lesson.

So….better pick out dance clothes, better look over the driving screen and OPPM stuff.

No group AGAIN…44 to go. Hope it works out tomorrow, I am not being productive with only 13 or so units a day (need 20)…but it just doesn't happen when census is this low…so many refusals. I think and hope tomorrow it will work.

Feb 26, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none