A recent to do list for work, names/schools changed obviously

It was a day I needed to go to all four of my schools as an elementary school OT…this was my 'maybe to do” ie depending on how things went with seeing kids, talking to people, checking in, I would may or may not get to all of it, but some of it was higher priority than other things…so alot of room for last minute changes….Basically I tend to write up my “maybe” schedule when it's going to be a complicated day with a lot of schools and things to do, and email it to myself. I am going through old mails so I found it and decided to share it with changed names….

School 1 
Check in on A
See S, R, J, J, R
Get VP the blue signed copy of MAA
Get educational specialist the 5th grade copy for T

Run to school 2
Pick up DTVP-2 pieces for Me and fellow OT
See L and M if time 

Go to school 3  by noon max? idelaly 1130?
Meeting 1 to 3
Observe A!!
Pick up A's profile
Check on Educational specialist's two kids
check on M/J/ if time 

Go to school four 
Meet D's mom 830am – see email
Check on new kid, K For some typing
Check on M, D, T 
Observe B

Answer M's mom
Answer A's mom
Update Excel with new minutes/times/kids******
Update Excel logs
Update red binders
Check on emails
Grade B's DTVP-2, and copy one example of each subtest from the book. ** Give DTVP-2 to fellow OT .
Prep DEM for Monday.
Copy HWT stuff + other resources
Finish up paperwork/filing!

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