A very packed yet not OT-y Saturday

A very non-OT day that I will pay for on Sunday night and/or Monday morning, pre PDEs. 🙂

Got up and primped for Sarah's high school graduation. Met up with her parents at 10:15. Graduation was 11 to 12:30pmish. Reception at Sarah's. Hung out. Hung out. Rested. Got ten thousand phone calls/texts. Went to Chinese and ice cream with Sarah's family. Got a text right as I left inviting me to come over to Kerri's (and husband Brent) who live near by. Went by and played Super Mario Kart on the Wii with them for about an hour. Stopped at Christa's house on way home to see her new puppy. Stopped at Paul & Angela's house, also on way home, around 10:40pm, to watch them play Grand Theft Auto 4. Then they let me hijack some cars and punch some random people. And then I went home.

Tomorrow is another long day so I'm going home! Sarah's graduation/party/dinner, plus last-minutely seeing all my friends, was awesome. A very fun day. 🙂

May 18, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none