A walk through elementary school lane…

 I decided to go through my old papers from elementary school to see how things went for me. I started kindergarten when I was four years old with my twin sister at a private catholic school in CA. Apparently I was not a huge fan of work and was also quite adept at writing my name backwards 😉
I never ended up in OT and have pretty good writing, so I guess it’s true what they say about reversals being common until around age 7! 🙂

 Reversals are common until around age 7.

 I apparently wasn’t always interested in working…

 This picture is a little disturbing. I think a person is being attacked in the sky.

 Notice the combo of uppercase/lowercase, also common at first

 wasn’t exactly sure how to spell Elizabeth apparently…

 Oh look, our beloved grids were popular even way back then. Notice my name.

 I went to private catholic school. Crucifixion…

 My elephant looks A like a platypus and B a lot like the elephant I would draw today.

 Yep, say no.

 Dang look at how nice my handwriting got!

 I was surprised to see how I wrote my name…

 OWL! I want to do this activity with kids.

 Apparently we liked phonetic spelling back then too..

 I wanted to have like a thousand kids with very specific bedtimes 🙂

This picture is within an egg crate -c otton balls – I want to do this craft too.

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