A year of fame

So, I'm pretty much one of the most famous people you'll ever meet. You see, a few months ago I sent Ken Jennings (famed Jeopardy winner) a question, and he answered it on his blog. (FYI, I asked him if people liked to hum the theme song at him while answering questions and if so, did he ever have the urge to punch them in the face.) Then, my blog blurb was published in OT Practice. And now, I found out that my friend's article on chickens will be published in a local foodie magazine soon. In it, she introduces her chickens and their personality. Most of them are named after chicken dishes, but they did specifically buy a DORKING chicken just so they could name it Karen (I have mean friends). So Karen the chicken is introduced in this magazine. I'm feeling really famous tonight. Now if only I could actually do something meaningful, that would be pretty cool.

It's almost midnight and I'm finally feeling tired so I hope I can get to sleep. I have a lot of huge projects to work on for school this weekend. If I can just survive until August 10th life will improve immeasurably.

My blog goals for this weekend include discussing Group. And realistically, that's about it.

SOAP note on myself:

S: States she is heavily fatigued
O: Looks fatigued
A: Needs sleep
P: Go to sleep.

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