About to send in another application to a very cool place…

I just finished my cover letter. I'm going to go to Kinko's and get everything copied/notarized/sent out. I am thrilled to be done with the longest application. The place I'm applying has an AWESOME culture of excellence and it would be a wonderful opportunity.

I need to be careful about my recent ranting and raving of frustration and all. For people who have been reading my blog for years, I think they overall have a good picture of who I am…but if someone just read a single post or two, well…yikes, haha. We all have our good and bad days! And weeks….and months….lol.
ANYWAY. I better get going. Thanks all for the support and love….maybe today I can get some EMAILS answered?! And finish up the hospital application?!! 
Jun 16, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none