Acute care…critical values…etc

A fellow blogger who started out as an OT student blogger and is now an entry-level occupational therapist, writes really great OT posts that make me jealous. He doesn’t ramble or use a lot of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This is one of my recent favorites…

Here is an excerpt from that post since it has to do with critical values (he was talking about what he does before seeing a patient, when working in acute care), which I mentioned in an earlier post:

Lab values – The most common things I look for are hematocrit, hemoglobin, potassium, sodium, creatinine, PT/INR. Are the lab values high? low? Which way are they trending? All these are factors into whether or not a patient should be on hold. For example, if a patient has a hemoglobin of 7.5 and a hematocrit of 22.6, I would probably not see the patient, since they are below critical and are probably going to be too weak to see me anyway.

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