Adapted Physical Education (APE): Truly Awesome APE activity


Last week an APE teacher brought in a little student she was working with into the learning center to say hi during the girl’s break (so we can all lavish some attention on that sweet girl!), and somehow we brought up nail polish and how it could be a relay (ie run, paint a nail, run back), then we all laughed about it and I forgot about it.

Today, the APE teacher (who is amazing), came walking in with that same student and check out those nails!!! They did the nail polish relay (they got permission from Mom in advance). The little girl was glowing with happiness and happy to show off her nails to all of us!

LOVE it. Now THAT is a great meaningful activity. 🙂
PS/Update: I got a text from the APE teacher with a picture of her own nails – the next week, the little girl got to paint the APE teacher’s nails on the relay, and she was so happy! 🙂

Nov 30, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none