Adult SPD

An adult friend of mine wrote this to me when discussing her sensory processing difficulties…I thought it was good insight. A lot of us OTs could probably have stood to have a little OT when we were younger….just like a lot of psychologists went into the field to search for their own healing, a lot of OTs go into the field because of their own recognition/awareness/compassion of people with similar difficulties!! PS: I am pretty sure I am going to buy a weighted blanket (maybe 15-18 pounds) for myself! I think they are GREAT for some kids and some adults too! Wish they were cheaper though. Don't buy one without researching proper weights etc. 🙂

Please don't let them put me in the O.T. zoo! If they do put me in the zoo, please make sure it isn't too bright, too loud, too smelly, and they don't make me wear uncomfortable clothes. Also, please make sure that my clothes are on correctly–I don't notice if my skirt is on sideways or my shirt is half tucked. Also, make sure I have a bubble, because I trip up/down steps or when there aren't any trip hazards. Oh yeah, it's super funny that I try to play tennis and ping pong using both hands at the same time and I swing after the ball has wizzed past, but make sure they don't play the clips continuously–I don't think my ears could take roar of laughter.–AND don't let the visitors walk up behind me and touch me lightly or try to put a vibrating Tickle Me Elmo doll on me. I'm terrified of the dark, so make sure I have a nightlight. I need a weighted blanket, a treadmill-or a place to keep moving, and earplugs–not headphones (they give me a headache). Make sure my food is extra plain and not lumpy or bumpy. O.K.?”

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