ADVANCE articles + empty OT blog promises…

Okay…long day, but all in all, federal and state taxes are done (YAY), my laundry is almost done, my dishes are finally clean, I finished shop-vaccing, and overall cleaned the house, had class, visited multiple friends, and went from 95 emails to about 35…all of which need to be dealt with asap. But it is midnight and I am soo tired so I'm going to bed and I'll try to finish dealing with them (a lot of them blog-related)- and try to write the ten thousand posts I'm wanting to write – tomorrow! Happy Birthday OTS Brooke and OTS Chery, yay for March 13th birthdays!

Here are a few links for now with interesting articles from ADVANCE
“Specialized Training: Focus on care techniques when dealing with patients with dementia”
“Lifting the Burden:Hospital Workers are pushing facilities to spend money on safe lifting equipment”

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