All is well on the OT front? Almost ….

Today ended with an incredibly rich dinner at Osteria Restaurante, an Italian restaurant in downtown La Jolla. Near the end of the dinner my mother and father were discussing and drawing probability charts and how probability isn't always how it seems, based on some new book called the Drunkard's Walk or something, and how a drunkard near a light pole always ends up in the same place, and how that fact was used to like, I dunno, figure out some major astrophysics principle. I drew my own version of astrophysics using all sorts of crazy math symbols and got chided for not using integrals. Gosh, silly me.

Nothing to report on the OT front again, beyond that I got really irritated with the recent continuing education article in OT practice that was on blogs, wikis, and podcasts! Grr!! It praised the use of Web 2.0 technology to promote the centennial vision and OT community, then completely ignored the OT community that is already using these tools! It focused on generic examples, and when it did list two OT blogs, it listed one that was barely active with only a few posts, and one that isn't really a normal OT blog! Grr! I wrote the editor (the amazing Laura) and I was like, I'm biased of course, and it's not that I'm just sore I wasn't mentioned, but it's somewhat of a slap in the face to write a completely generic article on Web 2.0 tools in the OT community and then not actually note that a community exists! A large community! Grrr!! Grrr!!!

Okay, I guess that was actually a report on the OT front. Maybe tomorrow I'll respond to all my e-mails!! OT ones included, all my little OT luviedoves!!

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