And I'm spent.

Ok…I responded to the girl from Argentina, and the guy from India. I responded to the two passionate future potential OTs asking to do a phone call this weekend instead of spend hours writing e-mails. I posted and/or responded to a bunch of great comments/helpful tips left by people. I'm still working on the cultural diversity/disability as form of diversity paper with Kuma, and am working on final um, what's the word, revisions, to the OT Practice Article…I also want to check out the newest ADVANCE e-newsletter (I want to get it in paper but so far I haven't even though I thought I signed up, hmmm), I sadly deleted a bunch of gero special interest list-servs without reading in-depth just because of time priority although it hurts me to do so, and now I just need to respond to one more OT student and then I'm DONE. Phew. It's almost midnight, I'm going to bed!!!!!!!!

PS: I love getting e-mails, I'm just slow to respond and end up having to write short responses, I am sorry….
PS2: Facebook responses will be tomorrow's much easier goal 🙂

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