And now to continue my horrific procrastination and stay up all night

Today was a fun Sunday…. I belly-danced to random Youtube Videos and SUCKED but it was a good and fun workout…then I held babies at the hospital…a 4 month old that was like seven pounds…a few other little babies that just needed some pacifier/blanketing repositioning, etc. I like to sing my own songs to the babies but I really need voice lessons, I bet all the babies go deaf after a few minutes alone with me.

 Then went to Kerri's and Brent's and worked on plans of cares etc, we had Japanese for dinner yum…..then grocery shopping and I battled a scary spider at the gate coming home 🙁 Hand me a snake, a worm, a turtle, an ugly cat, your unwashed masses, whatever…but don't hand me a spider. I was scared to death. Then I discovered I must have left some frozen cherries in my trunk and I was like PLEASE JUST KILL ME NOW I CAN'T HANDLE MEETING UP WITH THAT SPIDER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! But it was $3.99 so I was like I must be brave like Abraham Lincoln or George Washington or whoever it was that confessing to cutting down that cherry tree.

So I took a broom and battled it, and got some spiderwebs on me, and I'm more scared of spiderwebs than spiders to some extent, I was like shivering in fear, but I DID IT YAY!!!!!!!!!!. Okay I regress. Anyways, then I decided I needed to clean my house, post YouTube videos of my romance with Bubba Bear, give Lester some quality time…and now it's almost 1am and I am not done with those two articles that I promised I'd have in today. So uh, now I'm stupidly writing this blogpost to continue my procrastination. But I guess I'm gonna go start on them right now.

Tomorrow we have our two home visits to our two blind babies, then in the afternoon several older kids come to the new clinic. I'm going to bring my laptop since the computers aren't good at the new clinic and we have so much stuff to write up. This new clinic is far away, so a lot of driving. Probably 150 miles worth by end of day. Meeting Allison after work to either do Zumba dance, Yoga, or Walking, depending on what time I get done etc. And have several other things to write up besides the articles…the good news is, once I submit these articles tonight, and finish up a few other mini writing projects this week, I'll finally have the time to catch up on a bunch of reading and artwork and stuff like that!! Yay!! No more articles hanging over my head, I refuse to write anything article-y for like fifty more years!!

I think I start Week 9 of 12 tomorrow. Wow. Time flies. Still need to write about midterm eval, low vision rehab seminar, etc.
Blah blah blah.

Have a good week everyone!!

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