And we thought we had it bad…

This is from my OTS friend Patti's blog…look at her assignment schedule. Good Lord.

Here is her February, look on her site for March and April. YIKES!

Monday 4th- Ped Evaluation: Item Eval Due
Tuesday 5th- Research Methods: Quantitative Proposal
Wednesday 6th- FIELDWORK 1 *LOG*
Monday 11th- Ped. Evaluation: QUIZ 1
Wednesday 13th- FIELDWORK 2 *LOG*
Thursday 14th- OT Skills II: Genogram Assignment
Friday 15th- Ped. OT Intervention: QUIZ 1
Tuesday 19th- Mental Health: Log #1 Due
Tuesday 19th- Research Methods: Quantitative Critique Due
Wednesday 20th- FIELDWORK 3 *LOG*
Tuesday 26th- Mental Health: EBP review of Eklund article due.
Tuesday 26th- Research Methods: MIDTERM
Tuesday 26th- Research Methods: Qualitative Proposal
Wednesday 27th- FIELDWORK 4 *LOG*
Friday 29th- Ped OT Intervention: Autism Reading Assignment

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