"Anita" – woman with Down syndrome – movie – OT relevant?

My best friend’s dad sent me this information, I have not seen it or heard of it but sounds interesting! Libby, have you heard of this one?? Don’t forget you and your brother owe me a guest post some time! Once your universe settles down. 🙂

I want to share the information about this film because it is the acting work of an amazing young person with down syndrome. Also, it is a very riveting story told by a good filmmaker. Ala and I saw it and loved it!

This heart-warming film tells the story of a young woman with Downs syndrome (Alejandra Manzo) who lives a happy, routine life in Buenos Aires where she is meticulously cared for by her mother Dora (Academy Award-nominee Norma Aleandro). One tragic morning in 1994, everything changes when Anita is left alone, confused, and helpless after the nearby Argentine Israelite Mutual Association is bombed. As Anita wanders the city, she learns not only to care for herself but touches the lives of those around her.

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