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Hi Karen,
I somehow happened upon your blog. Enjoyed reading some of your entries. Its
very interesting to hear of your studies.

I noticed you had a link for some visual perception exercises.

I maintain a simple blog at I am a mom to
an amazing little boy with Autism and I am also an artist and eventually
thinking of studying Art Therapy. We are also working on a coffee product
called (for Autism). Check it out -if you drink coffee!

So I keep this blog on creative ideas for those on the spectrum. I often
include links to other articles and info that I can share for others. I just
like to post anything I think is relevant or interesting to share.

I want to include your info about the visual perception link, and thought
maybe since you are “studying” that you might know of more resources that
you happen across that could be available to parents. And/or if you wanted
to write something – I would be happy to link to your site.

Well thanks again for sharing.
Jacquie Chachitz

Jacqueline Chachitz
Yummy Coffee
256 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11215
347 342 8838


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