Another OT letter…any helpers?

Anybody want to help me answer this? This girl sounds great 🙂

hello. i've been maniacally researching OT websites, degrees, schools and blogs ever since i decided that this field of psychology intrigues me the most (which was today). at first i thought i would do my own research, but i feel that researching degrees and schools and internet information in general are all so generic that i would much prefer advice from a fully involved OT professional… or student like yourself. i choose you not by flip of a coin or magic eight ball decision, but because firstly: after reading 3 blogs you are the most passionate, second: you seem to be studying the field i am interested in (pediatrics), and thirdly: i can see you love this field of study (which means positive and hopefully helpful response). after taking a break from school for 3 years, and by school i mean high school, 4 months ago i decided that psychology suited me best. now which field, i had no idea. research most definitely. then today, by magical dust floating in the air, i realised that OT was probably the most logical place for me to feel comfortable, helpful and excited.
i work currently as a nanny for four adopted children, 3 of which have disabilities (which i wouldnt really call them that but i cant think of another word to fill the slot). one has ADHD, one has Mosaic down syndrome and the baby (of which i can thank for my recent revelation) has a sensory disorder. perfect case study, eh? anyway, the sensory disorder baby visits OT twice a week. it was today when his mom was telling me he has gone from being in the 25% to the 95% that i became curious in what kind of testing his therapists were doing to deduce these numbers. then i heard myself say: 'i would be really interested in observing what kind of testing they do'. and then, ta-daa!! i chose OT… pedeatric OT specifically. for the longest time i knew that psyc was my field, i just didnt want to spend the time getting my PhD. i knew there must be a way around it. then i found out today that exactly the type of study i want to do only requires a masters degree. im excited to have this all figured out. now that i have pinpointed my field specifically, the next thing i need to do is find out about the schools and the degree. big open ended and probably very detailed questions.
i know you must be busy being a student and all, but im wondering if you would mind helping me understand the degree program a little bit better and with your experience if you can give me any sort of suggestions regarding where and what. and maybe tips on some more helpful things. maybe you know of a good place to study particularly, or a good classes to start with, or maybe you could just point me in some general direction of where i should even start. im also going to talk to a career counsellor, but would be grateful of some more insightful information from some who has experience. im actually kind of wondering if studying child psychology or child development would be useful or a waste of time. or maybe those types of courses are integrated in with this degree…
im just in a general state of unknowingness.
glad to see that you thoroughly enjoy your job. i cant wait to get started.

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