Any neuro-IFRAH people out there?

Got this e-mail a while back and wanted to share in case anybody has some Neuro-IFRAH advice, I sure don't 🙁  Please leave a comment or e-mail with info if you have any to share, and I'll pass it on to the fieldwork student! Thanks!!

I am sorry to email you like this, but I hoped maybe you could share some info. I am a M.S.O.T student currently doing my first Level II fieldwork. I was hoping to do my final presentation on Neuro-IFRAH. However, we had only a short lecture/lab (maybe 2 hrs total) on it, and we received no written info. I am unable to find research in the library (or anywhere) and getting info is like pulling teeth. I talked to someone that is friends with Waleed Al-Oboudi, and he was no help either. So, in desperation, I went to google (not so good for research, but good at finding info), and I saw your blog detailing where you had an intense neuro-IFRAH lab. I was hoping/wondering you may have some info or good resources that you could share with a fellow O.T. student (one who is currently almost done, IF I get this presentation underway!). Just let me know if you can help me with info in any way. If you know of any good websites (other than their own website) or places for research, it would be great. I checked their website, and to buy books range from 325-1500 dollars!!

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