AOTA conference this weekend + presenting on Saturday

(To the sound of Music)

Yep. Every other Facebook and Twitter feed is about getting to San Diego for our 2013 AOTA conference. That either means I am exaggerating, or I have a lot of OT friends. 
Or more likely, a mixture of both.
I’m going to be going Friday, Saturday, and possibly Sunday morning….but after running around at work all week I think I may be pretty tired. I’ve decided all treatments on Wednesday and Thursday will consist of supine extension with vision occluded…..aka nap position. hahahaha just kidding. Can you imagine all my bouncy kids falling for that one? Yeah right. 
I’ve had several long-time blog readers email or comment saying they want to meet-up briefly…sounds great. 🙂 I’ll probably be at the School Steps Inc booth some (a great employer!) and/or wandering all over in sessions and visiting with OT friends from out of town as well as exploring the EXPO which is my favoritest thing in the world, well except for peanut butter and chocolate. And oh yeah, PRESENTING with a fabulous OT techy-crowd on Saturday on digital and social media if you want to check us out. This is where, if I wasn’t so lazy, I’d copy/paste our title and stuff. But I am. 🙁 It’s late, I have to conserve my energy. Hope to see you all at conference verrrrrrry sooon.
And oh, if you’re reading this, and you know of how to get an Expo hall badge for free, please let me know. I have a prospective OT student who I really want to let in to see the awesomeness. 
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