April 2nd – Apps Free For the Day

I vote that you definitely download Toca Band!!

These apps normally cost money but today are free.

Functional Communication System – https://appsto.re/i66r93j
Functional Planning System – https://appsto.re/i66t6HW
Discovering Emotions with Zeely – Educational Tool for Learning Emotions –https://appsto.re/i66c6dh
EZCOMMA – https://appsto.re/i66c6dd
PICTURE CARD – Can you do it? – https://appsto.re/i66t9dG
Sorthings for Autism – https://appsto.re/i66t6Tq
Sequences for Autism – https://appsto.re/i66c6d2
Toca Band – https://appsto.re/i66c6dp
Sequences for Kids – https://appsto.re/i66t6TT
Teacher’s Assistant Pro: Track Student Behavior – https://appsto.re/i66r93F
ColorSay – Hear the world in color! – https://appsto.re/i66c68R
Gesture camera – https://appsto.re/i66r3vp

This list was copy/pasted from an e-mail by Mark Coppin at Mark.coppin (at) annecenter.org

He is an assistive technology director, and he is awesome. Saw him speak once. He sends out a daily e-mail with free apps of the day. You can email him to ask to be on it.

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