Are OTs medical quacks? Ha ha ha…I crack me up………

So the ” visionary” (they get the sun first, you see…) New Zealand OTs have fighting words for us American OTs…the whole…”why do (some of us) wear scrubs” thing…….blah blah blah. My “avoid body fluids on our clothes” line got the “heard of a washing machine” rebuke, and so on. I stand firm that social model, medical model, whatever…if the scrubs are colorful and the kids don’t associate them with pain (ie kids with cancer that associate all scrubs with pain), then who cares. I’m sure Eleanor Slagle is turning in her grave right now, or a duck (quack, get it, ha ha) got goosebumps , or something, but whatever.

Ok, I’m TV-ed out…Lester the lion kitty is snorkling like a goose asleep on his back on the floor next to my chair…his little paws in the air, his little tongue sticking out…he is starting to assert himself..for the first few days he was with me, if a door closed he’d be like meekly going “Mrwah? I’d like to come in please?” and now he is like all angry mew “LET ME IN YO!” By the way, I showed a little hyper kid the picture of Lester on my phone today, and he went and hid behind a chair, I’m not even kidding. I think he was just being silly, but THAT IS THE POWER OF LESTER THE LION KITTY…my new form of discipline “Hey kid, sit down and make vertical lines or I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU A PICTURE OF LESTER!!!”

It’s almost midnight…my whole “go to sleep early” thing didn’t happen I guess…I meet my coworkers at a Walgreens in Mississippi at 830, it takes me 45 minutes to get to the meeting point, so glad it’s at least an easy drive kinda…my option is to make an L on normal streets, or make a hypotenuse diagonal thingie on crazy bad streets….today I took the L, tomorrow I may risk the danger!! Ooooh!!!!

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