ASD meetings begin

Today was first day of conference…

Brooke got 2.5 hours of sleep, Meg got 5, and I got 3. We were at the airport by 7pm…had an uneventful flight to LAX….One of our professors kindly drove us to Long Beach in his rental car, but not until we had our first mini crisis – Meg left her backpack in the rental car shuttle. We got that back, got into our hotel – early, thank goodness – and then we found out Brooke left her phone in his car. Second mini crisis lol.
We ended up wanting to go to In and Out Burger for lunch but the cab was too expensive for us and we were hungry enough that we finally just went to a little outdoor area with like shack food. I got tamales and corn with lime and salt and mayonaise and stuff, Brooke and Meg got more traditional Mexican. We then spent the next few hours walking around nonstop…something for Grand Prix was going on and blocking a lot of streets, we were pretty confused. Then we all slept for a few hours, and then meg and I went to ASD meetings and met some nice girls. We learned about the Special Interest Sections stuff, it helped clarify some issues. I also got to see some of the people I've working on projects with. Too bad I looked a “hot mess” as Southerners would say…ahahaha
We had an overly expensive dinner, oops, and now it's 942 and we are all lying in bed, exhausted. Gosh, we're getting old…the 20s are really hitting hard. JUST KIDDING.
So this wasn't the most exciting day or anything, but things overall went smoothly. Tomorrow starts early…hopefully will be fun. 🙂 As an AOTA Conference Blogger I'm asked to blog daily, but I'm assuming today doesn't count. I'm excited about meeting so many OT students, OT leaders, professors, clinicians, etc…I really enjoy meeting people with a passion for OT and all that it can promise…
BTW, our ASD meetings were in the Centennial Ballroom, which is ironic because of the CENTENNIAL VISION! HA HA HA!
PS: Brooke noted that the hand sensor for automatic towel dispenser in the handicapped stall at the rental place was too low. We all noted the entrance to the Hilton was not very handicap friendly and that the elevator buttons were not good for people with bad vision. Etc. Man are we dorks 🙂 
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