i totlaly didnt share the most outstanding session of my day. lol. I work with a child who for whatever reason HATES going below the line with his letters – ie g, p, y. He has a goal to do that. I've explained to him that the worms ATTACK people because they get ANGRY because they are HUNGRY and need to eat the tails of those letters. He thinks it is funny and will deliberately go out of his way to either avoid using tail letters or will say he doesn't care if the worms attack him. So today I pulled out one of my fake worms. We were re-copying a form letter for a final draft and each time we approached a tail letter I'd make the worm dance in front of him and act obnoxious. It totally worked. LOL.

THEN we used the second half of the session to work on touch typing. I wrote “A S D F” on his left knuckles and “J K L ;” on his right knuckles with a red magic marker. We played one of those free typing games, Space Invaders etc, using only the home row. So at first I literally helped push his fingers down one by one (he had initial trouble individualizing), but slowly he started getting more proficient with his home row. He never had to take his hands off the keys or scan since it was written on his fingers. I got the idea to write on his fingers from some gloves I saw in a catalog.

He enjoyed it! And so did I. After that session I felt like it had been a good use of our time. 🙂 The End

PS: Notice the procrastination!!!!

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