Really nice chick had these words of encouragement via e-mail after one of my particularly extra stressed posts on being scared on my phys dys rotation…
I read your blog regularly and I felt compelled to offer you some reassurance. I just finished my last fieldwork and it was at a phys dys site. (acute inpatient rehab on the brain injury unit) Let me tell you….it was very stressful at first and there were plenty of times I was on the brink of tears because I felt so overwhelmed and incomptent! Trust me when I say this….it will get better!!! As you said…you're only in week 2!!! To be honest, I didn't really get in the groove until like week 9 and then for the last few weeks I was flying on my own and it felt great. Phy dys sites are just harder I think than others. Especially in a hospital setting. So don't be so hard on yourself….you are learning and it's expected you'll struggle a bit. If you picked everything up in just 2 weeks what would be the point of a 12 week internship?!? You'll get it…just be patient 🙂
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