I wanted to leave up my post about the Centennial Vision for a few days, because I think it's important (so go read it)…and then today I was hoping to write a great entry about how my stress is lifting, I've gotten a lot of stuff done, life is getting better….and then this afternoon went crazy-bad, and it was a horrible afternoon for all the students! I think student-faculty tensions are at an all-time high and it is NO FUN! Especially since I am a co-VP of Academic Affairs and so I get to represent all this tension! Boo.

This evening was good though, because Brooke, Allison, and I met my OT little sib, Talli, at Huey's in Midtown and had a lot of fun. We were talking about how stressed we are – and we ARE – but then again, we were at a restaurant eating hamburgers and ranting about the leather lacing assessment (Allen's Cognitive Levels) lab we had today. So…in the grand scheme of things…it could be worse!!

By the way, I really, really, really struggled to do the leather lacing tasks correctly! So sometimes I get embarrassed to think I expect things from my clients that I can barely do! And another by the way, I plan to post a video of someone doing the leather lacing assessment in another few days!

Also, I got my edited version of my “Balance of Occupation” article back from OT Practice to approve! It looks pretty much the same, no major revisions were made!

When dropping Brooke off in the parking garage, I rolled down my car window for no reason as we slowed down…and then a second later as I meant to let her out I rolled it down again…because I have serious motor planning issues and I get easily confused! Like if my radio is too loud and it's raining and I have my windshield wipers on, I get confused on what to do and it takes me a while to figure out to turn off the radio versus the wipers. Isn't that insane? I've got some issues. Hi my name is Karen, I'm an OT student and I think I need some OT.

We laughed so hard we cried after I rolled the window down a second time. I guess that doesn't sound so funny now but you had to be there. Or mainly, we laughed because we were so stressed out that we had to laugh so we wouldn't cry. I dunno.

I'm kind of rambling now. I just wanted to write that I'm re-stressed for at least another day or so, but I hope I get over today's ACL stress (AUGH LEATHER LACING), and get back to being less stressed out!

Also – I'm (happily) continuing to receive lots of e-mails from blog readers – I'm trying to respond within a few days, but if you don't hear from me within a week, try again, I am sure it got buried.
Thanks for all the feedback and comments.

I look forward to writing a less-stressed post in another day or so!! Bear with me!

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