I held babies this morning! A one-weeker who was monstrously big in the sense that sometimes I hold 6-month old babies who only weigh 10 pounds! The second baby was asleep comfortably on me when I really had to go and so I put her back in her bead and you should have seen her accusing glare as she woke up and stared at me as I left! It hurt! I’ve decided not to feel guilty about not attempting developmental OT-related things (NOT PRACTICING WITHOUT A LICENSE I SWEAR!) with these babies – some luvin’ is the only thing these babies could really use that they can’t get from a therapist or nurse! They have their job and I have mine, to hold them and sing really badly to them!

One two skip to my lou three four shut the door five six pick up stix seven eight i appreciate nine ten a big red hen, big red hen, that is all I know! At least the baby was smiling even though I think I combined like fifteen songs into one!

On the way there I slid on ice! The shadowed areas hadn’t melted yet and it was my first time ever sliding! I ended up in another lane about to slide out into a major street but I turned my wheel toward the slide and a lamppost because I figured it was better to hit a lamppost than go flying out onto a major street! Luckily my brakes worked right as I was about to hit it!! That really scared me! Had someone been in the next lane I would have for sure had a car accident! Ugh! Anyway! I’m headed out to Verizon, then Kerri’s, then Sarah’s….gotta go pack my backpack and stuff 🙂

Did I mention AUGH I SLID ON ICE?!

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