aughh I still am a horrible horrible OT student blogger, hi google

So I keep lying about updating, this is my driest blogging spell EVER x five million, but I got more done tonight than I have in months, so I AM GETTING THERE!!! I am so close to having major things off my to do list (well besides like, christmas presents), and then I can focus on all my backed up stories!!! I have blogger constipation! My patients could identify, heavy painkillers apparently cause that complication. Wow. I am gross. I've become immune to nastiness and modesty after so much time in an acute care hospital.

I swear swear swear swear that soon my dry spell will end and I'll be in a crazy blogging blizzard catching up with all the stories!! I'm feeling relieved I got so much done today, one more night of hard work and I will be READY.

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