Had a horrible, horrible night….really scary nightmares, teeth grinding, crying, bad headache that 4 Alleve didn't take away, getting up in the night for cold wet facecloths for my face, Lester honking and snortling and scaring the batootles out of me since I'm not used to it, you name it. Ugh, I just want to sleep all day…it's 720 and I'm jetting out the door and I don't even know my schedule…my OT is out of town this week so it will either be exceptionally crazy or extra light, my guess is, well, who knows. Oh well. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!! Lester is home alone all day today for first time too, so wish my emphysmatic gooseberry snorfleball lion kitty some luck too!
Aug 11, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none

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