aughhhh today involved sore throats and tow trucks :(

Woke up with really sore throat – but have all toys and folders in my car – decided I'd go to work anyway to drop it all off but then try to leave early if schedule was not so insane (although Tuesdays are a 10 hour day where we work 830am until 7pm normally) – since this is the one day we are in the normal clinic. But was very important cuz one of our other OTs needs to borrow toys plus all the folders I have are the ones we were supposed to have a meeting on today with clinic director etc.

Pulled out at 750am,  got to intersection right before freeway, realized car was braking very bizarrely, did an immediate U-turn and went back home – I am surrounded by a semi- crappy area and I would have rather died (or would have been killed LOL) than got stranded even a block or two away from my house. And definitely wasn't getting on the freeway with that kind of braking. I called landlord to come drive car a little, he agreed brakes are weird…at first I thought it was flat tire. The car like shudders severely when you hit brake but they were fine yesterday.

Called USAA – they are AMAZING and anybody eligible (it's military and my grandpa was in military), should join them. I have towing with them so they quickly got it dealt with, I called my car place to give them a heads-up, and chatted with my OT and speech aid…the speech aid Haley drove to my house from Mississippi (about a 15 min drive from clinic to me) to pick up all toys/folders, thanks soo much.

I sat on the front porch of my landlord's house with my massively sore throat for a long time, the towing company showed up at 10am – a dude with massive tattoos on his bald head – LOL – stuff like that doesn't intimidate me at all anymore though. He pointed out it may have been me driving my car through massive water yesterday that did it – right next to my house was really bad water to drive through (lots of bad rain flooding yesterday), and was scared was gonna get stuck in a really scary section (back road of the prostitute/crack motel, very isolated), but made it, drove the block to my house and haven't driven it since, so maybe it's just water build-up from that. I didn't realize that once you got through the water you could have messed things up the next day, lol. oopsies.

my plan is that if the schedule is insane I'll try to find someone to take me there in the afternoon so I can help out the OT, but otherwise I'm just going to rest today because unless I'm in a coma, I can't miss anymore work without causing a ton of problems, as it was a huge stroke of luck that today was the one day we had things scheduled in such a way that my absence won't be a huge issue…at least not anymore that they got all the stuff from me…

Anyway, so the morning was stressful but maybe it was a good thing it worked out this way, I'm really hurting so getting stranded was maybe a good thing, I am unfortunately doing laundry because I haven't had a chance and I'm out of my antisocial scrubs, but am otherwise gonna just try to sleep away the day.

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