Augmentative Communication/Adaptive Technology Lab

Starting soldering – adaptive toy lab
Giant keyboard with different set-up

Kerri is using only the hat on her head to guide the mouse on the computer screen

Stephanie holding the soldering tool, it kinda looks like a curling iron doesn’t it?

We had an occupational therapy lab at the University of Memphis in their special technology lab.
We learned about different augmentative communication devices, as well as technology designed to assist people with low vision, one-handed typing, ergonomic typing, etc.

We also got to learn how to make simple switches to use with toys, so that we could adapt them so that even a child with very little function could at least press a giant button and have some control over their environment. We ran out of time but we did get to at least start learning this process, which included soldering!! We are going to finish the lab another time. I am excited. I want another occupational therapy tool in my toolbox – I know it’s unlikely I’ll do a lot of toy adaptation but it’s still neat.

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