Autism from an autistic perspective…plus OT blogging inspiration

I'm studying and needed to get something off e-mail and wanted to finally post this letter in full, for two reasons. One, because it really inspired me and made me happy – sometimes I doubt my blogging and so letters like this really help keep me going – and two, she has an awesome article to pass on! Please check it out – it has a link to a really neat YouTube video that gives some great insight into autism.
Susan: Thanks again and I will try to write you a personal letter very soon. 🙂 I wasn't sure if it was okay to post your school/location…so I didn't. LOL

Hey Karen,

My name is Susan, and I’m a first year MOT student at AnonymousOTschool in Somewhere, XY  I read your blog everyday because, in the midst of all the crazy assignments, impossible tests, and endless group projects, it reminds me why I love OT so much.  So, thanks for keeping me upbeat through this crazy journey of OT school! 

Anyway, I found this article on new insight into how people with Autism “communicate” and thought it was super interesting.  If you’re ever hard up for blog material, feel free to use it.  It definitely has a nice message to pass on to all.

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