Awww!!! My MOT class is amazing and I have proof!

Neal is our Distance Education SuperHero, and we love him, and he loves us OT students back!  This is what he had to say about our MOT class, after reading the recent NY Times Article on OT (this is where, if I were a good blogger, I'd link my previous post on it, but I'm not a good blogger, so well, sorry). PS: We do have two guys in the program, so when he says “girly girls”, I'm sure he meant to include + boyie boys as well.

If there was ever a “sisterhood” at our UT campus, it is undeniably the girly girls of OT. Our class of '09 is top of the crop and downright entertaining. A year and a half ago this class came into a new environment of teaching thru video conferencing. With technical difficulties, walking blocks between classes, and bearing the weight of a masters level program, my “sisters” have survived and grown up before my eyes.
Neal “tech dude” Smith

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