Babies babies babies…

I held babies the other day. It was a Monday morning and the census was the lowest I've ever seen – it seemed like half the rooms were empty and/or had parents visiting, which is also somewhat unusual for weekdays. I was hoping to get to follow the OT although I did not want to bother her. I wandered around for a while, but there really weren't any suitable babies. I ended up approaching a SLP and asked if I could follow her for a while, explaining I am an OT student. She didn't have much luck either. She finally got approval to see a baby in an isolette, the giraffe bed things where there are portholes but the top can be lifted up. The baby is awake and this was awesome. Unfortunately, right then, the ophthalmologist showed up, with bizarre magnifiers clipped to her glasses.

She had the SLP hold the baby's arms down above her head (to keep her from struggling) and I held the baby against her feet/knees to provide some boundaries/comfort. She put a few drops in the baby's eyes to numb them and then SHE PUT A CLAMP IN THE EYES TO KEEP THEM OPEN IT WAS LIKE REALLY FREAKY AUGH it made me wince. She was using like a pokey prod thingie on the baby's eyeballs and magnifiers and lights to get her data as the baby screamed and screamed. I have a hard time watching this. Ugh.

I love me some babies though!! Two of the MOT I's are going to start holding babies too!

May 01, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none