Back from Alaska, now back to OT world…

Hey guys,

Sorry for the huge lack of posting – I was in Norway almost 2 weeks and I was in Alaska on a cruise with my family for a week and just got home Friday, at which time I promptly spent the next two nights up until 4-5 am with my mind racing. : I have some HUGE changes in the works, all coming up in the next few months, that I can't talk about for a few more days/weeks as things get finalized/shared with real world peeps. My mind is frantic trying to deal with all these things.

Plus I'm kind of hitting a low point mentally – right about now is the one year anniversary of me NOT getting my dream job for a variety of sad reasons, some my fault and some not, and the one year anniversary of my life changing dramatically as I transitioned to Georgia, etc. I've now been a occupational therapy practitioner almost one year – September 1st is the anniversary. I know everyone says the first year is the hardest but I get the feeling it will be that way a lot longer, for me, with all my low self-esteem/insecurity issues. I know I know a LOT more than I did a year ago……but still so much to go! I want to be like someone with twenty years of experience, only, tomorrow, lol. AHAHAHAHA.

Alaska was fun just as Norway was fun – now onto the life-changing events about to occur. My emotional energy is pretty tied up right now so my blogging is even less than before, although surprisingly I still get pretty regular comments/questions. Need to answer them soon!

Okay time to get back to unpacking more and preparing for tomorrow. I'm thinking dinner should be an egg white omelet with zucchini, mushroom, squash, and onion, with strawberries and peach for dessert…..what do y'all think? We won't mention my excessive consumption of chocolate earlier in the day. 😡

YAY OT!!!!!!!!!! Time to get creative/prepared for my upcoming week back to work!….let's hope I can go to bed before 5am tonight seeing as how I need to be up around 6am. I think I see sleepy-time medication in my future…

PS: the picture, if it comes through, is me on the L, my dad, and my twin sister on the R, on the cruise ship in Glacier Bay, with a glacier behind us.

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