Bad news, good news…OT student blither-blather

Bad news:

A) I still hate Google for dropping me – DO YOU HEAR THAT GOOGLE? DO YOU HEAR THE BITTERNESS??????!! lol…in process of trying to figure out why, via Google Help boards. An algorithm thing I think.

B) I did not make the ASD Steering Committee ::sobs::, I got an e-mail saying I was unsuccessful. Somehow the wording stung. Ouch. Oh well. Thanks all who took the time to vote for me, and it's gonna be okay, I'll make my OWN DAMN CHANGES TO THE CENTENNIAL VISION!!! In your face Penelope Moyers!! Just kidding I love you… (Kerri said I shouldn't say that because it would burn bridges, but if you don't know by now I'm the biggest exaggerator in the world, then, well, you have no brain.) I would totally hug Penelope Moyers if she walked up to me right now. I promise. Even if I am hurting with the devastation. Ok new topics.

Good news:

A) I had my second MIFA (generic meals on wheels) run with OTS Allison for our occupation centered practice with adulthood class, and it was kinda fun and neat. More details later. The scariest part was probably the German Shephard with the spiked collar wandering one of the streets.

B) Writing the SOAP note/initial evaluation on a real patient was fun (as fun as homework can be, that is). It's due soon. I should probably go finish that.

C) The poor MOT 1's are really stressed right now with anatomy and frames of references presentations, and while I feel bad for them, the good news is, I should never have to be that stressed again. It's like a rite of passage, at least at my school. If you can make it the first year, you'll survive. It's gonna be okay, MOT 1s…remember us OT big sibs are here for y'all. We say “give me your poor, your tired, your…I forget the rest. Anyway, this semester, comparatively, is like a stroll down a sunny cherry blossom road. I should be a writer with that kind of poetry flowing from my neurons.

D) Cookie Gimp: I won't do any more narcissistic campaigning posts. 🙂

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